Project Talk Trial Webinar for Prospective Hosts

This webinar provides an overview of Project Talk Trial, an exciting and unique opportunity to participate in an NIH-funded research project about advance care planning. The Trial is a national project seeking 75 hosts across the US to each hold a community event for underserved populations. Events can be held in English or Spanish.

The session presents information about:

  • The need for advance care planning in underserved communities
  • Conversational activities that stimulate advance care planning
  • How to become a Project Talk Host

Hosts receive a $300 stipend to host one community event with a goal of 20 participants. Project Talk will provide all materials, and our team will travel to the event to assist with facilitation. These events may be held at almost any location and are commonly in churches, retirement communities, libraries, or other community centers.

Program beings at 00:13