What is the deadline to apply?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so you may apply at any time.

Apply now!

When will I be notified if I am selected as a host?

After applying to become a host, you will be contacted by a member of the project team within two weeks. If you are selected to participate in the next round of the process, you will be asked to schedule a 20-minute interview with the selection committee. The interview allows the committee to learn more about your ability to host a successful event. Within two weeks of the interview, you will be contacted by a project team member with a determination.

We anticipate grouping selected hosts into cohorts, tentatively, as follows:

Host Application and Rolling Admission Date Timeline

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Cohort# Hosts SelectedHosts Selected ByHosts Trained ByEvents Completed By
110July 2021Oct 2021Sept 2022
225July 2022Oct 2022Sept 2023
325July 2023Oct 2023Sept 2024
415July 2024Oct 2024Sept 2025

*Note: Interviewing of potential hosts is ongoing. This timeline is subject to change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the project events and timeline?

The project team is carefully monitoring CDC and NIH recommendations for hosting group events and activities. We have postponed hosting community events until it is safe to do so.

At this time, we do not plan to host virtual events. Delivery of study tools is most effective in person, and online platforms can limit natural social interactions. When events begin, federal health guidelines must be followed at all Project Talk events.

Host recruitment and selection will continue throughout the pandemic.

What training will hosts receive prior to hosting an event?

All hosts will receive four hours of required training, delivered by experts in the field. We will cover the following topics through a combination of online modules and webinars:

  1. 1) Study overview and research ethics
  2. 2) Hosting the event
  3. 3) Arranging/marketing the event
  4. 4) Recognizing/responding to psychological distress

Although hosts will not conduct research procedures, they will receive training on research ethics, privacy, confidentiality, and cultural sensitivity to ensure no breaches in research ethics occur. The research team will provide one-on-one support to hosts as needed.

Who needs to be trained?

Selected organizations will identify at least one host who will be trained for the event (additional staff who will attend the event are also able to receive training). At least one trained host must be present for the event.

Who will collect the research data?

A trained Project Talk research team member(s) will attend the event and be responsible for all aspects of the research procedures (such as informed consent, data collection, etc.). While the host will guide the event from beginning to end, the Project Talk Team member(s) will be able to support and assist the host throughout the entire event.

What is the timeline for hosting an event?

We ask that selected hosts arrange their event within 7 – 8 months of enrollment or within the project timeline for their cohort (see timeline above).

Can I host an event in Spanish?

Yes, provided there is at least one bilingual host who will lead the event.

  • The bilingual host(s) will also serve as the interface with the English-speaking research team member and must be able to interpret instructions to the participants.
  • The bilingual host(s) must be present for the entire event.

All attendee materials are available in Spanish.

What expenses will the stipend cover?

The $300 host stipend can be used by host organizations to support staff time, food, and marketing for their events.

I have hosted a Conversation Project event or Hello game event in the past. Can I still participate?

Hosts who have previously conducted a Conversation Project or Hello game event are not eligible to participate in this research project unless they can provide team members, venue location, and attendees unique from any previous Conversation Project or Hello game events.